Jo Wedin Covergirl with The Rodeo and Cléa Vincent


Read my interview in Faces Webzine here.

Read an excerpt below:

Faces magazine: After #metoo, do you think it's easier to be a woman in the pop music scene today?
Jo: When I worked on my project with Jean Felzine, it was sometimes hard. I was always compared to him, lots of articles were paying tributes to his work and his band Mustang, and I did not know if it was because I was a woman that the focus was on him. Even women who carry their own projects are always asked who is the man behind the scene. But we do not have to accept it. Why would I accept it when I play with Jean, for example? He is better known than me, but no one would have asked that kind of question in a female duo or a male duo. We compose very differently, but we compose together, so why compare? In many articles, I was the Swedish blonde with the Mustang leader. It's absurd!

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